School Shootings

So I am trying to wrap my head around the CT school shootings. I realize an event like this affects everyone, but If you know me, you know I am a really sensitive guy, so I think maybe me moreso than other people who weren’t directly affected.

Or maybe that’s a bad way of putting it…I’m sure this weighs heavily on everyone and I’m not special and it’s not about me.

Anyway, the point is it’s pretty much all I could think of yesterday and while everyone was saying “go hug your kids” (and I am very huggy with them normally), I was kinda disconnected for most of the afternoon. Like I was in a fog trying to make sense of it, which obviously won’t happen.

It’s definitely not about gun control or prayer in school for me…A friend on Facebook pointed out that maybe it’s not just about hugging your kids, but showing respect and love for everyone. A small act may prevent a tragedy.

So I guess that’s my goal going forward…show a little more kindness to everyone.