Ski Days 1 and 2

So, we finally got some snow going. It was dumping most of Monday and Tuesday and it’s been arctic-cold since, so we have a 4 or 5″ of snow still on the ground. I went skiing for the first time this year on Tuesday. Got to try out the new lift at Sundance, which is super nice, straight from the upper lot. The conditions were quite nice that day too. I wasn’t skiing so bad, but I could tell I was 8 months out of skiing shape. Hurting unit.

I surprised the girls with new skis this morning. Happy early Christmas. They have never had their own skis or passes before, so it’s awfully nice to go straight to the lift, rather than rentals, days passes, etc. They were pretty stoked, so we went up today, despite it being cold as. It was  9 degrees when we got up there, but it was sunny and the girls didn’t complain. We had a great time. Morg was a little tentative (and by a little, I mean extraordinarily) the first run, but then she found her groove. Haley was her usual self- no warm up necessary. We all had a crash or two, yes, even me…cruising along behind Morgan and just caught an edge.  Ahhhh, good times.

I think Kelly’s going to to take them tomorrow as well, so we’re getting our money’s worth out of the passes.

On that note, yes, we got a smoking deal on both the passes and the skis. I am not so much a baller, but I do know how to score deals. 

Lots more I could say, but it’s dinner time and I’m hungry.


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