Through Fighting

I think I’m going to the doctor today. Yes, on Christmas Eve. As long as I do nothing, I start getting better, but that doesn’t lend itself to my lifestyle very well and as soon as I have some fun, my throat swells up again. And it’s been over a month of this, so you can’t say I didn’t try. Kelly had a ear, throat infection and I am guessing I have the same. Rory had pink eye, for the record.

I would consider just resting more as I’m not in agony, but we have a trip to CA in a few days and I don’t want to be sick for the trip. Probably need to take Haley and Morg in too as they are coughing really bad again. Maybe wait until Wed on them as they don’t have the other symptoms that I have. Maybe not. We’ll see how they are this morning.

Anyway, don’t get the wrong idea. It’s not ruining Christmas or anything! Super duper stoked over here.