CA…ain’t happenin’ right now.

Sad to say, but yeah.

At this point, the whole family has been taken out the stomach bug Piper had. Except for Rory and I. Must hold on.

Our latest plan had been to leave today, go to St. George and spend the night there before meeting Kelly’s family in the desert for camping on New Year’s. At 4:45am, Morgan launched, putting paid to that plan. The best part of waking up?

Haley was still okay, so to offset the suckitude of missing out on camping, the beach, et al, I took her skiing today. I know, bad Mormon. Side note- she was killing it!! Anyway, while we were gone, things got ugly for Kelly. No barfies (yet), but to that point where it might have been better to go ahead and do it.

Haley said she didn’t feel great this evening and I suggested she sleep on the floor. She said she was okay and like two minutes later went full on Linda Blair all over her bed. Not pleasant.

So now, I am super nervous for Rory…there’s nothing worse than a sick baby. They don’t know what the hell hit them. Of course, I’d rather not harf either. The only positive is that it seems pretty short lived. Wish me luck!

PS- Remember 5 years ago when I said the Flu Shot is the World’s Biggest Scam? Of course you do. Anyway, I was right.

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