Where Was I?

I don’t remember and I’m really lazy right now.

Great start.

Spent most of last week working the Outdoor Retailer show. It’s weird having the show so close to home. It’s like I’m home, but I’m not really. Gone first thing in the morning and if there’s a dinner home at 10 or whatever…Anyway, good show. A lot more action than last year.

This week has been frantic. Moreso than usual. Found out today that Haley and Piper have strep throat. Morgan does too, although she has not been to the doctor yet. I don’t know what’s going on with us this year. We just can’t seem to stay healthy. It’s pretty frustrating. 

We got a huge dumping of snow this morning, after a pretty good one yesterday. And there’s more in the forecast. I hope to get up on the mtn a bit tomorrow, but we need to get Morgs in to the doc firsties and I should probably do some work or something. 

In other news, I got really fat (for a skinny guy) doing nothing last week, so I’m trying to do something this week. Seriously, heaviest I’ve ever been. Because of all the snow and my unwillingness to ride a bicycle indoors, I’ve been running the last couple days. Here’s to getting skinny for a skinny guy.


Back Home

Crushed the drive home. GJ to Provo, no stops. In the proverbial “zone”. I even remembered to bring everything home with me. I think.

The girls had a half day so I wanted to get home before them, mission accomplished. Kelly took them skiing in the afternoon, while I tended to the wee ones and then we all went out for burgers.

Saturday morning, Kelly went to yoga and I sat around, which felt so, so good. That afternoon, I went out for a big run. I don’t think of myself as a runner, but maybe I am getting there as I ran more days this week than I rode! Anyway, I wasn’t planning anything special, but as I ran the idea of getting above the inversion struck me, so I ran up Rock Canyon and yes, it was magical up there. The trail got narrower than my hips (“child bearing”) towards the top and snowshoes would have been appropriate. It was warm and sunny at elevation and with the steep climb and snow on the ground, I was hot! Such a good feeling. Ended up doing 9.5 miles, which is by a shot the longest run I’ve done, but that really doesn’t tell the story as the snow and terrain made it much longer timewise. I thought I’d be super sore, but not too bad really.

We have 9:00 church now, which makes Sunday mornings a rush job, but I love getting out at noon and having the rest of the day. Not that I did much…scored a nap before heading to a neighbors’ to watch “Frankenweenie”. Not surprisingly, this movie was a bit much for Haley and Morgan and they both ended up sleeping on our floor last night. Piper woke up and wound up in our bed too, so only Rory was missing from our family slumber party. Not as fun as it sounds.

Kelly’s considering yoga again this morning and then I’m going to take the girls skiing. It will likely be crowded with the film festival on and schools’ shut down for MLK day. On the other hand, we have it pretty good around here and it’s never really that crowded.

Another big week ahead of me, with the Outdoor Retailer starting Wednesday…

A Big Oops…

So, yeah, I left my bag with my computer in a shop in Glenwood Springs.

And drove to Grand Junction before realizing it. 

That’s like 80 miles. Ooof. So, yeah, late night tonight as I really had not choice, but to go get it. It’s a little embarassing to even write about. 

In my defense, it was my last appt of the day and of the trip. I left this morning at 6:15. I had fall bike collection, snowshoes, and nordic gear, plus my personal bag…and then we kept moving around and I ended up leaving the bag in an office…and eventually left. And other excuses.

Anyway, as you can imagine, my reaction when I figgered it out was not positive. I believe there was a steady stream of f-bombs, but then I just went and got it. What are you going to do? I could ask them to mail it to me, but I need my computer like Linus needs his blanket. No waiting, no way. 

Oh yeah, and one of the shop employees went back to work (well) after hours to open up so I could grab my bag. I owe him! Good guy, for sure. They are out there, ya know.

That was pretty much the highlight of the day. Or maybe, I’m just too tired at this point to post anything else. Either way, I’m out for the night. 

Oh, and I’m soooo tired of hearing about “it”.

Big Wednesday

Kelly threatened to divorce me if I didn’t get a post out, so here goes…

First off, slept like a champ last night. Thanks, Best Western Louisville. Funny that Coloradoans don’t know how to pronounce Lou-a-vull.

Anyway, pretty much another kick “a” day. The a is for ass. I don’t like to drone on about work, but it’s nice have a line and program that only make sense to do. It’s like “why would anyone not buy into this?”. Just gotta get in the door.

I digress. It was beautiful in Boulder today. 57 degrees on the car thermometer. I can’t not get out for a ride in those conditions. And it was good. Amazing how warm that feels when you get used to the arctic. Could have gone all day, but, you know, work and all that. I was pretty beat after an hour or so though, so maybe that was good enough!

That’s pretty much the extent of things. Gotta hit the road at 6:30 tomorrow morning as I have an early appt. Cramming ’em in. Gotta hit a couple shops in Denver and then I start heading towards home. One more stop in the mountains and then I’ll spend the night in Grand Junction Junction what’s your function. Maybe I’ll get a quick ride in before I head into the mountains. It’s going to be warm in the front range again, but COLD after that with no relief in sight at home. Gotta get it while the get’ns good, as they say.

Night-night, sugar booger.

Sorry Kelly

I try to post every day from the road, but I failed.

Yeah, I am back in Colorado. And I gotta say, I am killing it on this trip so far!!

Killing what?? It, I just said that.

Anyway, I do have an excuse for my posting failure yesterday…I was staying at a former co-workers apt and the apt is supposed to be 600 sq. feet, but I’m pretty sure they are full of it. Anyway, he went to bed around 9:30, so I thought the polite thing to do (considering I was like 4.5 feet away from him) was to turn off the light.

So, yeah, I mostly drove all day yesterday. It didn’t crack 15 degrees the whole drive and the low was -20. I’ll admit to being soft, but I think that is cold on pretty much anyone’s scale.

I saw a couple shops along the way, which definitely breaks up the drive and keeps me in their good graces. Mountain shops don’t see bike reps too much in the ski season, I guess.

My appts today were pretty wonky. First thing was a visit in Colorado Springs and then I headed north to Ft. Collins…the opposite end of the Front Range. Tomorrow’s the same…most of the day in Boulder and then a last appt back in the Springs. Just the way things panned out. Good thing gas is free. Oh wait, at least it’s cheaper than it was a few months ago.

I am staying in a hotel tonight. Yeah, remember my post about how great it is staying at others’ places… Well, I still think that, but sometimes it’s nice to plant yourself and have your own space too. And not to have to beg for a spot to sleep. Not that I’m above begging.

So, yeah, I’m in this here hotel. I actually did an indoor workout tonight, which NEVER happens. Yes, in this frigid winter, I have not ridden inside once. Of course, I’ve barely ridden outside too! Anyway, I did half an hour on the treadmill and half an hour on a bike. Man, those giant seats are comfy! Not really though. My taint is 100% trained in the ways of the racing saddle.

Anyway, I think that’s sufficient for tonight. Hopefully, I can pull it together tomorrow, but I gotta be honest…it’s going to be a loooong day.

Sweet dreams hot cakes.



You know who’s loving this inversion? 

My dogs! They are typically outdoor pups, but they are basically never leaving the house right now. 

For anyone unaware of the phenomenon, we (in Northern Utah) get a gnarly inversion, whereby cold air gets trapped in the valleys, along with pollution. So, it will be warmer and maybe even sunny up in the mountains and it’s bitter cold in the valleys. It usually only last a couple weeks, but it’s a pretty unpleasant couple weeks.

We are due to get another storm on Thursday/Friday, which should clear the air a bit. It’s a cold storm though, so it won’t warm up much and then the inversion is due to return. I don’t ever remember us having snow on the ground this long. 

So my first day of Crusher training, I could only get 4.5 hours in and it was pretty flat. Kind of a bust. Just kidding, that would be sweet, but I went and ran for an hour with Tyson. Of course, he has his own wikipedia page too. Anyway, I’m not much of a runner, but it’s a lot easier to do when it’s 15 degrees, so we’ll probably go again today.

Oh yeah, and I’m due to head to Colorado next week. I’m thinking about driving. Usually I fly in the winter, but I can save so much money and see a bunch of shops I’d otherwise skip. If it’s going to be dry, I don’t see any reason not to.


So I think I’ve pretty well made up my mind and I’m going to do the Crusher this year. That is, assuming I can get in. Registration opens this week. I’ve never done one of these events where you have to sign up way ahead of time. My approach is typically “I don’t know what I’m doing tomorrow, much less 6 months from now”. That said, I am super excited to throw my hat in the ring.

It’s a 70 mile road/dirt road race with like 11,000′ of climbing. Not exactly playing to my strengths…I haven’t done well on extended climbs in a good 10 years and I’m haven’t been known for my off-road skills ever.

I don’t think I’m going to win or anything, but I would like to get to where I am semi-competitive, which will be a long road! I am probably in some of my worst cycling shape ever at the moment, but I’ve got 7 months and I love the idea of having an event to focus on.

I’ve always been that way. Back in the day, I could plod along with okay form, racing every week, but when I had that one big event in the back of my mind, I could get super fit. I don’t know what’s realistic given family and work priorities these days, but I know I can get going a lot better than I am now!

I am going to start “training” tomorrow (Yes, the most popular day to begin any exercise program- tomorrow!). Don’t expect anything too awesome- we’ve got a gnarly inversion here at the moment, so we’ve had highs in the teens and low 20’s lately. Not so fun.

So anyway, you now have 7 months of geeky training and equipment posts to look forward to.

You’re welcome.

I thought I was going to be the strong one for once…

Pip woke up around 3 this morning. She went right back to sleep, but I knew something was wrong…Took until around 9:00 this morning, but I’ve followed suite with the girls and umm, yeah, not so good over here.

Pretty bummed on this break. CA trip cancelled (no camping, no beach). Stomach bug. Stitches and it’s death cold. It was 14 degrees when I took Haley to get her stitiches out mid-afternoon yesterday. Lovely.

EDIT: I forgot all about the anti-biotics!

I don’t want to be a Debbie Downer…this too shall pass and I know I can’t feel sorry for myself too much. Probably not the start of the year I would have chosen, but I do consider myself the luckiest person in the world…I spend a lot of time wondering why things work out so well for me, but I guess that’s a post for another day.

Anyway, super nervous for our little Rory now as she is the only one holding on. I’ve said it before, there is nothing more sad than a sick baby.