So I think I’ve pretty well made up my mind and I’m going to do the Crusher this year. That is, assuming I can get in. Registration opens this week. I’ve never done one of these events where you have to sign up way ahead of time. My approach is typically “I don’t know what I’m doing tomorrow, much less 6 months from now”. That said, I am super excited to throw my hat in the ring.

It’s a 70 mile road/dirt road race with like 11,000′ of climbing. Not exactly playing to my strengths…I haven’t done well on extended climbs in a good 10 years and I’m haven’t been known for my off-road skills ever.

I don’t think I’m going to win or anything, but I would like to get to where I am semi-competitive, which will be a long road! I am probably in some of my worst cycling shape ever at the moment, but I’ve got 7 months and I love the idea of having an event to focus on.

I’ve always been that way. Back in the day, I could plod along with okay form, racing every week, but when I had that one big event in the back of my mind, I could get super fit. I don’t know what’s realistic given family and work priorities these days, but I know I can get going a lot better than I am now!

I am going to start “training” tomorrow (Yes, the most popular day to begin any exercise program- tomorrow!). Don’t expect anything too awesome- we’ve got a gnarly inversion here at the moment, so we’ve had highs in the teens and low 20’s lately. Not so fun.

So anyway, you now have 7 months of geeky training and equipment posts to look forward to.

You’re welcome.


5 thoughts on “Crusher…

  1. Turbo, someday I’ll join you. Talk about the worst shape of my life…I’d say thats now for me. But someday…maybe….someday I’ll have fitness again, and I’ll be able to partake in the Crusher. Till then I watch in awe and envy.

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