Big Wednesday

Kelly threatened to divorce me if I didn’t get a post out, so here goes…

First off, slept like a champ last night. Thanks, Best Western Louisville. Funny that Coloradoans don’t know how to pronounce Lou-a-vull.

Anyway, pretty much another kick “a” day. The a is for ass. I don’t like to drone on about work, but it’s nice have a line and program that only make sense to do. It’s like “why would anyone not buy into this?”. Just gotta get in the door.

I digress. It was beautiful in Boulder today. 57 degrees on the car thermometer. I can’t not get out for a ride in those conditions. And it was good. Amazing how warm that feels when you get used to the arctic. Could have gone all day, but, you know, work and all that. I was pretty beat after an hour or so though, so maybe that was good enough!

That’s pretty much the extent of things. Gotta hit the road at 6:30 tomorrow morning as I have an early appt. Cramming ’em in. Gotta hit a couple shops in Denver and then I start heading towards home. One more stop in the mountains and then I’ll spend the night in Grand Junction Junction what’s your function. Maybe I’ll get a quick ride in before I head into the mountains. It’s going to be warm in the front range again, but COLD after that with no relief in sight at home. Gotta get it while the get’ns good, as they say.

Night-night, sugar booger.


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