A Big Oops…

So, yeah, I left my bag with my computer in a shop in Glenwood Springs.

And drove to Grand Junction before realizing it. 

That’s like 80 miles. Ooof. So, yeah, late night tonight as I really had not choice, but to go get it. It’s a little embarassing to even write about. 

In my defense, it was my last appt of the day and of the trip. I left this morning at 6:15. I had fall bike collection, snowshoes, and nordic gear, plus my personal bag…and then we kept moving around and I ended up leaving the bag in an office…and eventually left. And other excuses.

Anyway, as you can imagine, my reaction when I figgered it out was not positive. I believe there was a steady stream of f-bombs, but then I just went and got it. What are you going to do? I could ask them to mail it to me, but I need my computer like Linus needs his blanket. No waiting, no way. 

Oh yeah, and one of the shop employees went back to work (well) after hours to open up so I could grab my bag. I owe him! Good guy, for sure. They are out there, ya know.

That was pretty much the highlight of the day. Or maybe, I’m just too tired at this point to post anything else. Either way, I’m out for the night. 

Oh, and I’m soooo tired of hearing about “it”.

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