Back Home

Crushed the drive home. GJ to Provo, no stops. In the proverbial “zone”. I even remembered to bring everything home with me. I think.

The girls had a half day so I wanted to get home before them, mission accomplished. Kelly took them skiing in the afternoon, while I tended to the wee ones and then we all went out for burgers.

Saturday morning, Kelly went to yoga and I sat around, which felt so, so good. That afternoon, I went out for a big run. I don’t think of myself as a runner, but maybe I am getting there as I ran more days this week than I rode! Anyway, I wasn’t planning anything special, but as I ran the idea of getting above the inversion struck me, so I ran up Rock Canyon and yes, it was magical up there. The trail got narrower than my hips (“child bearing”) towards the top and snowshoes would have been appropriate. It was warm and sunny at elevation and with the steep climb and snow on the ground, I was hot! Such a good feeling. Ended up doing 9.5 miles, which is by a shot the longest run I’ve done, but that really doesn’t tell the story as the snow and terrain made it much longer timewise. I thought I’d be super sore, but not too bad really.

We have 9:00 church now, which makes Sunday mornings a rush job, but I love getting out at noon and having the rest of the day. Not that I did much…scored a nap before heading to a neighbors’ to watch “Frankenweenie”. Not surprisingly, this movie was a bit much for Haley and Morgan and they both ended up sleeping on our floor last night. Piper woke up and wound up in our bed too, so only Rory was missing from our family slumber party. Not as fun as it sounds.

Kelly’s considering yoga again this morning and then I’m going to take the girls skiing. It will likely be crowded with the film festival on and schools’ shut down for MLK day. On the other hand, we have it pretty good around here and it’s never really that crowded.

Another big week ahead of me, with the Outdoor Retailer starting Wednesday…


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