Where Was I?

I don’t remember and I’m really lazy right now.

Great start.

Spent most of last week working the Outdoor Retailer show. It’s weird having the show so close to home. It’s like I’m home, but I’m not really. Gone first thing in the morning and if there’s a dinner home at 10 or whatever…Anyway, good show. A lot more action than last year.

This week has been frantic. Moreso than usual. Found out today that Haley and Piper have strep throat. Morgan does too, although she has not been to the doctor yet. I don’t know what’s going on with us this year. We just can’t seem to stay healthy. It’s pretty frustrating. 

We got a huge dumping of snow this morning, after a pretty good one yesterday. And there’s more in the forecast. I hope to get up on the mtn a bit tomorrow, but we need to get Morgs in to the doc firsties and I should probably do some work or something. 

In other news, I got really fat (for a skinny guy) doing nothing last week, so I’m trying to do something this week. Seriously, heaviest I’ve ever been. Because of all the snow and my unwillingness to ride a bicycle indoors, I’ve been running the last couple days. Here’s to getting skinny for a skinny guy.


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