This week

Like most weeks, it had 7 days.

The End.

Oh, okay…more details if you insist. We had a house full of sickies most of the week. Err’body’s on antibiotics (save, Kelly, Rory and I). Okay, I guess 50% of us are on antibiotics. 

I got a decent powder day in on Wednesday. One of those days where it was warm and barely snowing/almost sunny at the base and howling wind, blowing snow on top. It was icy in some spots and super deep in others. Hopefully, my skillz are improving. 

The rest of the week I was mostly running. A couple good trail runs in the snow. Saw what appeared to be some cougar tracks, along with elk, moose and that most rare creature, the magestic deer. I am slow as syrup running, but I am starting to enjoy it, which I never thought I’d say. 

Yesterday, I actually got out on a bike ride. Just an hour, as Kelly was taking Haley and Morgan skiing in the evening, but it was sweet. Not terribly cold.  I’m due to go out for more today. Hopefully, it’s the start of something. 

Piper still sounds pretty sick, but hopefully err’body’s on the mend.


One thought on “This week

  1. I, too, have begun to run. Slow as syrup here too. And this crap hurts like HECK! Ok, in reality it hurts like HELL, but this is a family blog…

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