Hey Everybody, it’s Thursday!!!

How exciting.

For the Sandros, yes, running hurts (see comment in post below). It hurts when you go slow, it hurts when you go fast… but I’ve started to enjoy it, which I really didn’t think I’d ever say. I always thought it was more of a necessary evil to get a quick workout in.

That said, it warmed up a bit this week so I’ve actually been riding mostly. Today I had to go up to Logan and didn’t get back in time, so it was back to running. I decided to run a little faster and WOW, does Strava ever make you feel awesome when you do that. I got like a million new records. Sadly, I am smart enough to realize this is because I usually go so slow…

In other news, Kelly and I set a date to get sealed. I realize a goodly number of my followers are not LDS (Latter Day Saints, not LSD, Mormon), so here’s the gist. Yeah, it’s a big deal.

I wouldn’t say that I necessarily believe that a “regular” marriage won’t continue after death as described in the wiki article, but you get the idea.

In other other news, Kelly and I are going skiing tomorrow! Yes, together. We NEVER get to do such things, so it’s very exciting. Haley and Morgan will be in school and our dear, kind, sweet and beautiful neighbors have agreed to watch Piper and Rory. It hasn’t snowed in awhile… we are supposed to get some tomorrow, but really I don’t even care. Whatever, skiing with my girl. Stoked!


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