Nancy, that’s what I’d name this storm…

So yeah, Kelly and I had our big ski day on Friday. It was sweet. Pretty icy dicey when you got off the groomers, but what-evs. We had a great time! It has been two years since we were able to ski together… We found out Rory would be joining our clan just a few days after our last session.

Anyway, just as we were leaving it started dumping and Sundance has actually gotten more snow thus far than any of the other Utah resorts. This is quite rare. 10″ last night and it’s pretty much been snowing all afternoon…I’m sure the conditions have improved dramatically! When can I get up there again?? 

One of us should go tomorrow.

Today I took the girls to the library while Kelly went to yoga in the morning and then I went for a big run in the afternoon. I “only” ran 9.5 miles, but it was a couple hours as about half was on snow plus 1200′ of climbing. It was snowing the whole time, but got pretty heavy towards the end…They’d probably name the storm if we were on the east coast.

Bad timing?

I do feel like I’m getting some general fitness back, but I am a LONG way from any kind of bike racing form. I know after all these years, I can get it going pretty quickly in a pinch. 

I’ve dropped a couple pounds, which is good. Not coming off like they used to, but I’m not training like I used to either! I think running is the ticket for weight loss. Any ride I do I am starving after, but I can do a pretty solid run like today and not be hungry at all. 

Bringing skinny back.

I had some less “dorky training post” I meant to write about, but I lost it in my massive brain. I think I am going to relax by the fire rather than trying to find it…



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