1-900-Blogs-a-lot and kick them nasty thoughts

Another week of radness. Nothing cray-cray to report. 

Did some trail running in the snow early in the week when it was cold.

Took the girls skiing Wed evening

Kelly took V.D. to a whole new level… Valentine’s Day, and I mean dinner and such with the kids. Not, you know, kinky stuff.

Finally rode my new bike yesterday. It’s the exact same bike as I was on previously. Amazing how much better a new bike feels though. And the “old” one was only 6 months old!

Kelly is at yoga this morning. I am going to take the kids (100% of them) to Target to pick up a gift for a birthday party Haley is going to later today when Rory gets up from her nap. I’m going to try to get a solid ride in this afternoon. It’s sunny and mid-40’s, which should feel downright tropical after the winter we’ve had.

I think tomorrow will be church and maybe we sneak in some skiing and then Monday the kids are off school. Maybe we’ll just ski Monday. I want them to stay pumped on it, so trying not to go overboard. I don’t know. They seem to love it.

I’m going to Colorado on Tuesday. Very excited to see my friends, Anna and Jared. Yes, they live in Montana, but it looks like we’ll all be descending upon Colorado at the same time. It will be a busy week though as I’m losing Monday (President’s Day) and I have dealer events Tuesday and Thursday nights, plus all the shops I need to see in the day. Planning to get home on Friday night. Hoping the weather holds out for me. Apparently a solid snow storm is coming Tuesday night. Half the time Colorado doesn’t get anything out of our storms though.

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