New Look…

I found this pic the other day, loved it and figured I could use it.

Here’s the story from that night

Ahhh, memories.

Anyway, as you may have guessed what with me posting and everything, I made it home from Colorado safe and sound. I actually hit very little snow along the way so it was no worries. Great to get home though!

I think my main superpower is the ability to drive long distances alone. The only problem is keeping up with the days’ work while in route, but Friday’s are typically a bit light, so yesterday was just fine.

I guess today it’s supposed to start dumping. It already is in the SLC (~40 miles north), so now I’m just waiting. It certainly looks ominous out there.

Hoping to pop off a good run this afternoon. I did not do much all week, so I could certainly use it.

In other news, the Belgian season starts this weekend with omloop het nieuwsblad and kuurne brussel kuurne! Such an exciting time. Training camps and exotic early season racing is over. Now is the time for pain and suffering. Love.

Before signing off, I would be remiss not to send a big thanks to my pal the J-rad for his hospitality this week. I hope you enjoy your morning coffee along with this post, hombre!


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