Help Wanted, Kelly’s Birthday, and such.

So, yeah, the Turbo! Sports empire is growing and I am going to need someone on the ground in Colorado in another month. To give you an idea, I am going back out there next week (just for a couple days) and then two weeks after that, another week out there. Just can’t do it all alone. Anyway, thinking this would be a good ad:

Are you tired of steady paychecks, health care and other benefits? Would you like to travel great distances and attend events with no guaranteed pay? Have I got the job for you! Turbo! Sports is hiring a full-time-ish tech/sub rep for Colorado…

Just kidding, I won’t mention any of that until someone is hired. Wait, I guess I just did. Anyway, the job does kick ass, but you should probably know what you’re getting into.

In other news, today is my Kelly’s birthday. She’s 23. At least that’s what she keeps trying to tell our kids. They are young enough where they just accept it.  Anyway (that’s the 3rd time I’ve used it in this post, sorry) I am not that awesome with birthdays. I didn’t bring her breakfast in bed (crumbs, gross), or a bouquet of roses or anything. I’ve already made my mandatory public declaration of love on FB, so we can skip that.

Okay, okay… super lucky to have met my Kelly. And at such a young age. Crazy to think I was only 19. Crazier that she stuck with me. I don’t know why things have worked out so well for me, but I will take it and count my blessing. Love ya, hot stuff!

ANYWAY, I hate when other people post sappy stuff, so thanks for sticking with me.

My BRO-in-law (Kelly’s BRO) just popped in, so I better log-off. Peace out yo.


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