4 months-ish…

That’s how long I have to get to where I don’t suck.

The Allan Butler Memorial Crit is June 29 and two weeks later is The Crusher. I’m sure I’ll do some other races this year, but these are the two I care about. Long term readers understand my obsession with the AB Crit. The Crusher, on the other hand, is totally new to me, but I just haven’t been good for a long, hard event like that in a long time and I want to prove to myself I can still “get it up” for such an event.

So, training for a 1 hour twilight criterium and a (hopefully sub) 5 hour dirt road race…I think all my training will be geared toward the Crusher. Past history indicates that if I’m fit for that and do a little speedwork, I should be good all-around.

It feels funny to be obsessing about races that are months away. The last time I did that was probably the San Francisco Grand Prix 10 years ago, but I like that I’ve got a goal in mind and something I am working towards. I feel like I need to be good for the AB Crit because I think Allan would like to see me still putting it down and the crusher…I think I just have to get really fit or it’s going to be miserable.

I’ve already mentioned my lack of fitness enough recently, but I did manage a (relatively) solid ride today, so that’s something.


One thought on “4 months-ish…

  1. *I say hopefully sub 5 hours not out of any expectation time wise, but because that is really long for me and any longer sounds ridiculous to me at the moment.

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