Woah, dang, where was I?

I suck at updating when I am not on the road. 

Lovely week here. Trying to force myself to work hard. Found out at least two of the companies I work for are closed for Good Friday, which isn’t helping with today’s efforts.

We still gotta eat on Monday, so I better not slack too hard. Ha. 

So yeah, it’s been super nice here. I don’t know how Sundance is going to make it another week and a half. Usually, we get a huge snowstorm as soon as they close. I’m sure that will happen again.

I’ve been riding a goodly amount though. I think in a flat race I could even represent okay at this point. It’s just hard justifying the time away on a Saturday now. I drive all week, so leaving the fam bam and going out to the races all day is not terribly compelling. Nor would I feel awesome about it. Soon though. Can’t stay too far out of the loop.

Anyway, I am hanging out at home this morning while Kelly does some Easter shopping. I usually take Friday as an “office day” when I’m home, so it works out pretty well. Piper gets her staples out this afternoon too, which will be nice.

Kelly’s brother Andrew is in town doing some spring skiing and her folks come in this weekend, so should be good times.

There ya go. Up-to-date.

Not my best day out

There’s times where this video is too accurate to be funny. Today was like that. Not a bad day, per say, just a lot of driving for little action. Feeling the pressure with deadlines no longer looming, but passing!

All the same, I love what I do.

I did get out for a quick ride this evening, which was nice. FB homies forgive me for telling the same story, but I had lunch in Boulder at 65 degrees and sunny. Saw a few shops, and got in the car with the plan to ride when I got to Colorado Springs. It got colder and colder on the drive, until I hit 35 and snowing. My motivation to ride was gone. Then, the sun came back out and it got back up close to 50, so I had to ride anyway. No excuses.

Saw some deer that must’ve been part honey badger. One was totally in my lane and I had to go into the wrong lane to get around it. She just looked at me like “Oh, sorry, am I in YOUR way? I’m sure you have something REALLY important to do on that bike of yours”. Even the bucks didn’t care that I was right next to them.

Really ready to go home tomorrow. It hasn’t been that long a trip, but it feels long for whatever reason. Fingers crossed for the weather to hold…

Long Day

As mentioned, I had an event tonight which meant my day stretched from 8:30-ish to 9:30-ish…it wasn’t all working, of course. Lots of driving, some mexican food, and (as my facebook pals already know) I got a short, but sweet ride in around Garden of the Gods. Plus, I really like my job. But, still it’s a long day.

Tomorrow will be more of the same, but the weather’s due to take a left, so that could make things exciting. I’m in Colorado Springs again tonight. As long as the weather is not horribly bad, I’ll come back tomorrow night. I’ll be spending the day in Denver and Boulder, so if it sucks bad, I’ll stay up there. An interview on Friday morning and I’m on my way home. Simple enough.

Nothing else really to report today.

Father of the year?

Not this guy.

Piper and Morgan were playing on the swivel chair last night. Piper flew off and was crying. After a couple minutes, she was fine and wanted to play again, so I let her. I put her to bed (Kelly was at yoga) and everything was fine. I had to leave this morning, and Kelly called me a ways out and asked what happened to Piper. I guess she had blood all over her hair and a big cut on the back of her head.

I had no idea! I feel so guilty. They closed it with FIVE STAPLES. Pics on Kelly’s blog. Yeah, how didi I miss that? I really don’t know.

Long day. I left my computer at home and was an hour on the road when Kelly discovered it and let me know. So yeah, later start than usual! Plus some wasted gas. Can’t believe I’ve done that twice now…

Otherwise, I just drove all day and felt guilty about neglecting my beautiful Piper girl. Saw a couple shops. The drive was long, but easy enough. I did a quick ride around Grand Junction. Usually being tardy already I would’ve plowed on through, but I just really needed to get out of the car and out of my head. It worked, mostly.

I have an event tomorrow night. Will see shops all day. The weather is supposed to turn on Thursday here. 

I’m pretty cracked, so that’s it for tonight.


Good week

We had a super nice last week. Started out in the low 50’s and topped out in the low 70’s. Felt sooo good. I have an order deadline TODAY, so it was a bit hectic, but I found time to get out and ride a couple hours everyday, save yesterday. Yeah, I definitely needed a “day of rest”.

None of the rides were terribly taxing, but going from typically only a couple rides a week, I could definitely feel the cumulative fatigue by the end of the week. Could have been the antibiotics too, but I was off them at the end of the week, so I don’t think so.

Last night, our little Rory barely slept. I’m sure Kelly will be a zombie today as she was up with her for a long time. Around 4:30, Rory finally fell asleep, but then I started thinking of all the stuff I have to do and couldn’t sleep, so an hour or so later, I got up and entered a couple orders and now, here I am.

I was definitely a bit off the back on blogging, so I guess it worked out. Might trade a couple hours of sleep for this post in retrospect.

Nothing too crazy for St. Paddy’s yesterday. Airport run to pick up Kelly’s bro and an extended family dinner. Of course, we churched it up firsties.

Oh, on that note, I am failing miserably at my goal of reading the Book of Mormon in March. I WILL get it done before our sealing, but this month is looking out of reach.

I am leaving for Colorado again tomorrow, so expect more updates. Road warrior!!


And then…


So, I finally broke my photo ban, but at least I used one of the finest films of all time in doing so.

Anyway, when last we left off I was coming home from Denver. Thursday and Friday were a bit of a blur. I was booked solid on Thursday and most of Friday. When I got home on Thursday, Kelly had the girls out. I NEVER have the house to myself and so, even though I told Kelly I was going for a run, I promptly fell asleep on the couch. I slept for 2 hours, and then had no problem going to bed a few hours later. Friday I drove around all day again, but wasn’t feeling great. Saturday I woke up with a horrid pain in my throat. Kelly took the girls to the library in the morning so I could rest and I slept another two hours. Not usually a napper, pinky swear.

That afternoon, I cracked and went to Urgent Care. And yeah, I had strep throat. They gave me the option of a giant shot in the butt or a Z-pack. The one and done approach of the shot was tempting, but the doc made it sound pretty bad, so I went with the oral option.

Sunday, I was still no good. You can imagine how stoked Kelly Belly was given I was gone all week and then sick all weekend. Anyway, she took Haley and Morg to church in the morning and then took Morg skiing in the afternoon. Haley, Piper, Rory and I went to the park, but I was in a foul mood and probably not on my best daddy form.

Feeling spot on now and we are getting some nice spring-like weather this week, so I’m trying to make the most of it. Had a week with practically no exercise, so starting from scratch again. The strep did curb my appetite, so I lost a couple pounds, so that was a bonus. Got out for a goodie today, so that’s something.

Fingers now crossed for the rest of the family to stay healthy!














Whereby I use more tags than words in the post…

I am supposed to update when I’m on the road, so here we go…

At DIA, waiting for my flight. I am pretty blown, so this will be quick n’ dirty.

Ear thing seems to be nearly resolved. Weird. But good.

Basically didn’t sleep last night. Around 4:00, I gave up trying and got up for the day. Hopefully, this will pan out for a nappy-poo on the plane. I am guessing I will get middle seat, which kinda sucks when you 6’4″, but it’s faster than walking.

Managed to squeeze in a run today. I was slow, but it was 60 degrees, which felt marvelous.

Otherwise, successful voyage thus far. Really looking forward to being home, but I have miles to go before I sleep.

I think I’ll go find some awesome airport food now.