Father of the year?

Not this guy.

Piper and Morgan were playing on the swivel chair last night. Piper flew off and was crying. After a couple minutes, she was fine and wanted to play again, so I let her. I put her to bed (Kelly was at yoga) and everything was fine. I had to leave this morning, and Kelly called me a ways out and asked what happened to Piper. I guess she had blood all over her hair and a big cut on the back of her head.

I had no idea! I feel so guilty. They closed it with FIVE STAPLES. Pics on Kelly’s blog. Yeah, how didi I miss that? I really don’t know.

Long day. I left my computer at home and was an hour on the road when Kelly discovered it and let me know. So yeah, later start than usual! Plus some wasted gas. Can’t believe I’ve done that twice now…

Otherwise, I just drove all day and felt guilty about neglecting my beautiful Piper girl. Saw a couple shops. The drive was long, but easy enough. I did a quick ride around Grand Junction. Usually being tardy already I would’ve plowed on through, but I just really needed to get out of the car and out of my head. It worked, mostly.

I have an event tomorrow night. Will see shops all day. The weather is supposed to turn on Thursday here. 

I’m pretty cracked, so that’s it for tonight.



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