Woah, dang, where was I?

I suck at updating when I am not on the road. 

Lovely week here. Trying to force myself to work hard. Found out at least two of the companies I work for are closed for Good Friday, which isn’t helping with today’s efforts.

We still gotta eat on Monday, so I better not slack too hard. Ha. 

So yeah, it’s been super nice here. I don’t know how Sundance is going to make it another week and a half. Usually, we get a huge snowstorm as soon as they close. I’m sure that will happen again.

I’ve been riding a goodly amount though. I think in a flat race I could even represent okay at this point. It’s just hard justifying the time away on a Saturday now. I drive all week, so leaving the fam bam and going out to the races all day is not terribly compelling. Nor would I feel awesome about it. Soon though. Can’t stay too far out of the loop.

Anyway, I am hanging out at home this morning while Kelly does some Easter shopping. I usually take Friday as an “office day” when I’m home, so it works out pretty well. Piper gets her staples out this afternoon too, which will be nice.

Kelly’s brother Andrew is in town doing some spring skiing and her folks come in this weekend, so should be good times.

There ya go. Up-to-date.


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