Yeah, it’s Wednesday, but I won’t be home until Thursday.

It’s been snowing pretty much all day and basically every flight at DIA is delayed. I am now schedule to leave at 12:20am. Meaning I should get home around 3:00 or 3:30. Sweet beans.

I’m just not that person who goes crazy about it. I mean it snowed. It sucks. I won’t get much sleep, but (most likely) I’m going to get home and be safe and with my family. So I get to hang out in the airport for 6 hours or so. Not such a big deal really.

We had a pretty epic drive this morning. It took 3 hours+ to get to CO Springs from Boulder. Otherwise, the day was pretty uneventful. Lots of slide-offs and what-not, but we weren’t involved.

Anyway, I don’t have a lot to report, just doing my usual “on the road” daily post. Pretty jazzed to get home.


Here I am…

back in Colorado.

Speaking of which…It was in the 60’s when I came here in January. It has gotten colder every trip since and they got 18″ of snow yesterday (in town). Luckily I missed that, but we’re due for another 4-6 tonight. What the heck-o?

Anyway, thanks to one of my longest term blog readers I have a free place to stay just outside of Boulder and only a few miles from my new sub/tech rep, who I am traveling with this trip. How convenient!! Thanks, hombre. This should probably make all of you other blog-readers think “what can I do for the turbo?”. Or not.

It is a little weird for me staying in an empty condo by myself I must say. I think I’m just used to having some background noise (read: chaos) around me. 

Anyway, today we toured Ft Collins and Boulder and tomorrow it’s off to Colorado Spring and Dirty Denver. I’ll fly home late tomorrow night.  Yes, 9:00 is late for me. 

Trying to motivate myself to go for a run tonight. We’ll see. I can pretty well guarantee I won’t do anything tomorrow, so it would be good. On the other hand, it’s cold as outside and I am freezing sitting here inside, so umm, it’s going to take some motivation. Or if I just get really bored, that could work too.

Anyway, not a whole lot of news to report.

There was a terrible, no good tragedy yesterday. So thankful that none of my family and friends in the area were hurt, but so heartbroken for those less fortunate. Like Mr. Rogers said “look for the helpers”…there are way more good people than evil out there.


Two posts in one weekend…

…for real.

Yesterdee…I should say I have started writing all my “days” with a Utah accent, so yeah, yesterdee, also known as Saturdee, I got a big ride in. 4.5 hours, ~80 miles…Lots of wind! That’s the longest ride I’ve done all year. I felt horrible at the start, probably on account of skiing all day the day before. I got better and better throughout and felt downright good the last hour though. This is also a first for the year… Typically I’ve been struggling towards the end. So yeah, I think I’m getting some fitness banked up.

Last night, we had a get together with Kelly’s family for Piper’s birthday. It was oodles of fun and she (Pip) made out like a bandit, of course.

This morning (Sundee), I watched the Amstel Gold race while getting ready for church. Sadly, church didn’t go too well. Piper didn’t want to go to class, so I had to sit with her and eventually I took her and Rory home. So here I am. Kelly, Haley, and Morg should be back in half an hour or so and I think Kelly’s going for a ride with her dad this afternoon. Then, we’re supposed to do recommend interview this evening.

Still thinking to finally kick off the race season next weekend. I rode the course in the opposite direction yesterday and it’s in horrible condition…potholes, gravel, cattle grates- just my style! If it’s as windy as yesterday, I think I could do something. We’ll see though. Still have a trip to Colorado this week to get through first!

It could only be Jared…

Thanks for the reminder, hombre.

I think I left off like a week ago and um, lots has happened since. As usual.

Gotta make it quick, so I am going to mostly skip all that. Ok, Piper turned 3, that was a big deal…I did some work, I’ve been riding pretty regularly. Oh yeah, I went for a run on Monday…hadn’t really run in probably 6-8 weeks and then we did 7 miles. Fudge, I was not expecting to get that sore. Funny how fast I turned back into a cyclist. Sort of.

Today…was glorious! We scored some passes to Deer Valley. It’s nice to have friends!! They are closing this weekend, so we had to get them used. Really fun to go to a new resort. Place is huge. It was a beautiful warm and sunny day. Kelly’s mom was kind enough to watch the kids. I am eternally grateful. It feels like I went on vacation! 

I took a couple diggers after lunch, just getting lazy. Otherwise, I think I was probably skiing as well as ever, which isn’t saying all that much. Kelly has improved a ton this year. She was kicking my ass by the end of today. What else is new, right?

Anyway, if it’s not apparent, we had a good ‘ol time.

Due to go for a big ride first thing tomorrow morning. We’ll see how this old body holds up. Maybe try racing next week???

I’ll try to be more on the ball going forward, sports fans. Thanks for your support.