It could only be Jared…

Thanks for the reminder, hombre.

I think I left off like a week ago and um, lots has happened since. As usual.

Gotta make it quick, so I am going to mostly skip all that. Ok, Piper turned 3, that was a big deal…I did some work, I’ve been riding pretty regularly. Oh yeah, I went for a run on Monday…hadn’t really run in probably 6-8 weeks and then we did 7 miles. Fudge, I was not expecting to get that sore. Funny how fast I turned back into a cyclist. Sort of.

Today…was glorious! We scored some passes to Deer Valley. It’s nice to have friends!! They are closing this weekend, so we had to get them used. Really fun to go to a new resort. Place is huge. It was a beautiful warm and sunny day. Kelly’s mom was kind enough to watch the kids. I am eternally grateful. It feels like I went on vacation! 

I took a couple diggers after lunch, just getting lazy. Otherwise, I think I was probably skiing as well as ever, which isn’t saying all that much. Kelly has improved a ton this year. She was kicking my ass by the end of today. What else is new, right?

Anyway, if it’s not apparent, we had a good ‘ol time.

Due to go for a big ride first thing tomorrow morning. We’ll see how this old body holds up. Maybe try racing next week???

I’ll try to be more on the ball going forward, sports fans. Thanks for your support.


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