Two posts in one weekend…

…for real.

Yesterdee…I should say I have started writing all my “days” with a Utah accent, so yeah, yesterdee, also known as Saturdee, I got a big ride in. 4.5 hours, ~80 miles…Lots of wind! That’s the longest ride I’ve done all year. I felt horrible at the start, probably on account of skiing all day the day before. I got better and better throughout and felt downright good the last hour though. This is also a first for the year… Typically I’ve been struggling towards the end. So yeah, I think I’m getting some fitness banked up.

Last night, we had a get together with Kelly’s family for Piper’s birthday. It was oodles of fun and she (Pip) made out like a bandit, of course.

This morning (Sundee), I watched the Amstel Gold race while getting ready for church. Sadly, church didn’t go too well. Piper didn’t want to go to class, so I had to sit with her and eventually I took her and Rory home. So here I am. Kelly, Haley, and Morg should be back in half an hour or so and I think Kelly’s going for a ride with her dad this afternoon. Then, we’re supposed to do recommend interview this evening.

Still thinking to finally kick off the race season next weekend. I rode the course in the opposite direction yesterday and it’s in horrible condition…potholes, gravel, cattle grates- just my style! If it’s as windy as yesterday, I think I could do something. We’ll see though. Still have a trip to Colorado this week to get through first!


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