Here I am…

back in Colorado.

Speaking of which…It was in the 60’s when I came here in January. It has gotten colder every trip since and they got 18″ of snow yesterday (in town). Luckily I missed that, but we’re due for another 4-6 tonight. What the heck-o?

Anyway, thanks to one of my longest term blog readers I have a free place to stay just outside of Boulder and only a few miles from my new sub/tech rep, who I am traveling with this trip. How convenient!! Thanks, hombre. This should probably make all of you other blog-readers think “what can I do for the turbo?”. Or not.

It is a little weird for me staying in an empty condo by myself I must say. I think I’m just used to having some background noise (read: chaos) around me. 

Anyway, today we toured Ft Collins and Boulder and tomorrow it’s off to Colorado Spring and Dirty Denver. I’ll fly home late tomorrow night.  Yes, 9:00 is late for me. 

Trying to motivate myself to go for a run tonight. We’ll see. I can pretty well guarantee I won’t do anything tomorrow, so it would be good. On the other hand, it’s cold as outside and I am freezing sitting here inside, so umm, it’s going to take some motivation. Or if I just get really bored, that could work too.

Anyway, not a whole lot of news to report.

There was a terrible, no good tragedy yesterday. So thankful that none of my family and friends in the area were hurt, but so heartbroken for those less fortunate. Like Mr. Rogers said “look for the helpers”…there are way more good people than evil out there.



2 thoughts on “Here I am…

  1. As always, you’re welcome. Hit me up anytime!! Although my folks just bought a different place, so that one may hit the market this summer. But until it sells, its all you!

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