Stomach thing…

So, we’ve had some weird stomach thing going around our family for, um, forever. It’s weird as it affects everyone differently and we’ve had like a week between each occurence. I don’t know, it’s weird, but I definitely had something screwy with me yesterday…Had to make an emergency pit stop mid-ride. 

After that, I didn’t feel great, but packed up the fam so Kelly could do the mtn bike race. Actually a mtn bike biathlon- yes, riding and shooting! Got through it okay, but then had a fever overnight.

Stomach is fine now, but super achy and tired. Just feel weak as something quite weak.

There you have it. Maybe more than you wanted to know, but I’m trying to get back on the proverbial blog-wagon.

Leaving for Quebec Sunday morning, so I’ll surely do plenty of updates on the trip. 


The new rec center…

So, we’re trying to get Haley into swim team this year. We’ve already paid, but if she can’t “swim a full lap easily”, they’re going to give us our money back. Last night, we tested her out and I don’t know if she’ll make it or not. If not, we’ll just hold out until next year. We’ll only have one more chance to practice before she starts next week. She did half a lap last night, but it wasn’t “easy”, nor pretty. I remember being the same way when I was a kid, just not really coordinated yet. I’m sure she’ll be good after this summer, but I’d really like to see her involved this year.

Wish her luck!

To practice, we went to the new Provo rec center. Wow, super state of the art. Just in the kids’ pool, they have indoor slides, a lazy river, a rock wall that falls into the pool, huge hot tub, and more. The lap pool was awesome too, but COLD!!  I was literally cold the rest of the night after swimming in there. Maybe if I was doing laps, I would have warmed up to it, but helping Haley wasn’t enough to generate that kind of heat!

Morgan came along. We probably spent 20 minutes in the arctic, I mean, uh, lap pool and an hour and 20 in the “fun pool”. It’s tough to do it any other way. Like trying to get a kid to study in the Disney Land parking lot.

In other news, I rode South Fork and Squaw Peak yesterday and felt surprisingly good. Since the Gauntlet on Satuday, I’ve done a 4.5 mile downhill mtn bike ride, and then a 5 mile run yesterday, so I assumed I would suck. You just never know in this sport. Got caught in the rain, which has been a theme this week. Great for the lawn!!

Called Out

…by Dr. Sandros, MD.

Okay, I guess it’s time for a post. Or to kill this blog. I’m not ready to kill it so, here we go. I have no idea where I left off, so I’m going to start with our families’ sealing last week. Umm, yeah, it was a big deal. Rather than going into the details of the weekend (Kelly covered that), I’ll just say I REALLY appreciated the support of my friends (and family)! I know a lot of my friends are not LDS and it probably all seems a bit strange to them. And yet, they understood that it’s a big deal to us and it meant a lot to me.

Hopefully that makes some sense.

This weekend we decided to celebrate the sealing by skipping church. Ha! No, Kelly and I had the opportunity to spend last night at Sundance without kids and we went for it. Kelly will again show me up in the posting dep’t., but the short version is that we got up there around dinner time, ate and had dessert, did the Moonlight lift ride, had their superbe brunch today(can’t remember eating so much), sipped (herbal) tea at the Spa, did a bit of mtn biking, and umm, yeah, made out a whole bunch. TMI?

Anyway, it was really nice. BIG thanks to Kelly’s folks for watching the girls last night and today! And to her bro Jeff for all his help in setting things up at Sundance!

Oh, and before we went to Sundance, I did The Gauntlet!! 84 miles, 10,000ft vertical, and 5.5 hours. Hardest training ride I’ve done in probably a decade. I was good for the first couple climbs and then basically just had to suffer it out. And suffer I did. I had to keep telling myself to just keep pedaling. I was in a bad way, but I did it. Hopefully that’s some good prep for The Crusher

We had probably 35 people show up, which is huge for a Utah County group ride. Super fun day. Split up pretty good though, not surprisingly!!

At this point, it’s going to be tough for me to do more than survive at the Crusher. I have a ton of travel in June, so finding much more form is going to be tough. I’ll try though!! I’ve enjoyed the process and having a goal, so whatever comes comes!

Da Haps

Let’s see…I left off in the Steezy Jeezy. It was a good trip. Quick and busy!! 42 hours door-to-door, with 19 or 20 hours in a tent, 8 hours of driving, 3.5 on a bike…oh, and sleep, I gotta sleep.

I got in pretty late (for an old dude), but we had a plan for Saturday morning and we had to execute. Off to collegiate nationals to watch our Alma Mater put it down. I did the math (not my specialty) and it was 17 years ago that I went off to Marian College (now University). Meaning some of the kids on the current team were in diapers. Ooof. Anyway, they killed it and it was fun to watch.

I really feel U-SAC should put more emphasis on collegiate racing. And more colleges should get involved. This would be the best way for the bulk of cyclists to develop, in my opinion. Running off to Europe after high school is great, but most of us can’t make the protour thing work out. So, if people could get school did and race at a high level at the same time, it’s a win-win. 

Sunday, we went to church and mostly hung out the rest of the day. I was pretty worked. And maybe a little cranky.

Since then, it’s been mostly worky-jerky and a little riding. Kelly’s racing at Sundance tonight, so pretty stoked on that. Hoping the weather holds. We’ve had beautiful weather the bulk of the day the past couple days, with major storms blowing in and out of nowhere. Today’s supposed to be the same. It’s weird, it’ll be sunny and 70, then the wind picks up, rain starts, the temp drops 20 degrees and an hour later, it’s warm again.

That’s all I have for now. Have a stupendous day.

The Jeezy

Yup, I’m down at St. George and being “on the road” and all, gotta post.

We hit out around 5:45 this morning. Me and my pal Shelby, that is. On that note, it’s been great having someone to travel with. Much nicer than rolling solo.

Anyway, we are down working the expo at Ironman St. George. We got to the expo around 9:30. The only hiccup was that the product we were here to represent and give samples of did not arrive. After some calls, it turned out to be “out for delivery”. We lucked out and it arrived around 11:00 and we rocked it all day.

The expo went until 7:00 and we made a hasty exit to sneak in a bike ride. Pedaling was followed by Cafe Rio and umm, here we are. All in a day’s work, eh.

Seeing lots of friends around the expo got me thinking pretty seriously about doing the event next year. Yeah, seriously. Geek bike and compression socks, here we come!

Still Alive…

Sorry, not on the best blogging form lately.

Things have been trucking along okay. Should have some better blog material in the next couple days. Kelly is doing her first EVER mountain bike race tonight. For those that don’t know, she was quite accomplished on the track and road back in the day, but having spent the past 8 years breeding and a few years supporting me in between, plus only having ridden off-road a couple times ever, it should be exciting. I’m excited anyway. She’s a little nervous, which is fun.

Tomorrow super duper early, I am heading down to St. Jeezy to work the IMSG expo. I have a partner rolling down with me and helping in the booth, so that should be good. Coming back Friday night (yes, not staying for the race) and then Saturday, we are heading up to watch collegiate nationals in Ogden. I wanted to race Antelope Island (insert self-serving reference to past wins here), but I think it will be good to go support the collegiate event and see what’s become of our little collegiate cycling program! So many memories there.

Don’t start playing “Glory Days”, just yet.

In other news, I guess it’s snowing here today. Not here, just yet, but everywhere close by, so I imagine it’s coming. It was 80 day before yesterday. Happy May Day!