Still Alive…

Sorry, not on the best blogging form lately.

Things have been trucking along okay. Should have some better blog material in the next couple days. Kelly is doing her first EVER mountain bike race tonight. For those that don’t know, she was quite accomplished on the track and road back in the day, but having spent the past 8 years breeding and a few years supporting me in between, plus only having ridden off-road a couple times ever, it should be exciting. I’m excited anyway. She’s a little nervous, which is fun.

Tomorrow super duper early, I am heading down to St. Jeezy to work the IMSG expo. I have a partner rolling down with me and helping in the booth, so that should be good. Coming back Friday night (yes, not staying for the race) and then Saturday, we are heading up to watch collegiate nationals in Ogden. I wanted to race Antelope Island (insert self-serving reference to past wins here), but I think it will be good to go support the collegiate event and see what’s become of our little collegiate cycling program! So many memories there.

Don’t start playing “Glory Days”, just yet.

In other news, I guess it’s snowing here today. Not here, just yet, but everywhere close by, so I imagine it’s coming. It was 80 day before yesterday. Happy May Day!


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