The Jeezy

Yup, I’m down at St. George and being “on the road” and all, gotta post.

We hit out around 5:45 this morning. Me and my pal Shelby, that is. On that note, it’s been great having someone to travel with. Much nicer than rolling solo.

Anyway, we are down working the expo at Ironman St. George. We got to the expo around 9:30. The only hiccup was that the product we were here to represent and give samples of did not arrive. After some calls, it turned out to be “out for delivery”. We lucked out and it arrived around 11:00 and we rocked it all day.

The expo went until 7:00 and we made a hasty exit to sneak in a bike ride. Pedaling was followed by Cafe Rio and umm, here we are. All in a day’s work, eh.

Seeing lots of friends around the expo got me thinking pretty seriously about doing the event next year. Yeah, seriously. Geek bike and compression socks, here we come!


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