Da Haps

Let’s see…I left off in the Steezy Jeezy. It was a good trip. Quick and busy!! 42 hours door-to-door, with 19 or 20 hours in a tent, 8 hours of driving, 3.5 on a bike…oh, and sleep, I gotta sleep.

I got in pretty late (for an old dude), but we had a plan for Saturday morning and we had to execute. Off to collegiate nationals to watch our Alma Mater put it down. I did the math (not my specialty) and it was 17 years ago that I went off to Marian College (now University). Meaning some of the kids on the current team were in diapers. Ooof. Anyway, they killed it and it was fun to watch.

I really feel U-SAC should put more emphasis on collegiate racing. And more colleges should get involved. This would be the best way for the bulk of cyclists to develop, in my opinion. Running off to Europe after high school is great, but most of us can’t make the protour thing work out. So, if people could get school did and race at a high level at the same time, it’s a win-win. 

Sunday, we went to church and mostly hung out the rest of the day. I was pretty worked. And maybe a little cranky.

Since then, it’s been mostly worky-jerky and a little riding. Kelly’s racing at Sundance tonight, so pretty stoked on that. Hoping the weather holds. We’ve had beautiful weather the bulk of the day the past couple days, with major storms blowing in and out of nowhere. Today’s supposed to be the same. It’s weird, it’ll be sunny and 70, then the wind picks up, rain starts, the temp drops 20 degrees and an hour later, it’s warm again.

That’s all I have for now. Have a stupendous day.


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