The new rec center…

So, we’re trying to get Haley into swim team this year. We’ve already paid, but if she can’t “swim a full lap easily”, they’re going to give us our money back. Last night, we tested her out and I don’t know if she’ll make it or not. If not, we’ll just hold out until next year. We’ll only have one more chance to practice before she starts next week. She did half a lap last night, but it wasn’t “easy”, nor pretty. I remember being the same way when I was a kid, just not really coordinated yet. I’m sure she’ll be good after this summer, but I’d really like to see her involved this year.

Wish her luck!

To practice, we went to the new Provo rec center. Wow, super state of the art. Just in the kids’ pool, they have indoor slides, a lazy river, a rock wall that falls into the pool, huge hot tub, and more. The lap pool was awesome too, but COLD!!  I was literally cold the rest of the night after swimming in there. Maybe if I was doing laps, I would have warmed up to it, but helping Haley wasn’t enough to generate that kind of heat!

Morgan came along. We probably spent 20 minutes in the arctic, I mean, uh, lap pool and an hour and 20 in the “fun pool”. It’s tough to do it any other way. Like trying to get a kid to study in the Disney Land parking lot.

In other news, I rode South Fork and Squaw Peak yesterday and felt surprisingly good. Since the Gauntlet on Satuday, I’ve done a 4.5 mile downhill mtn bike ride, and then a 5 mile run yesterday, so I assumed I would suck. You just never know in this sport. Got caught in the rain, which has been a theme this week. Great for the lawn!!


2 thoughts on “The new rec center…

  1. I swim to get ready for my surf trips and you have to jump in the pool and do two or three hard laps to warm up. If you dont get the blood flowing right away you are going to stay cold.

    I am surprised that you can swim or even run for that matter being a cyclist. I remember being the fittest I ever was on a bike and got invited on a backpacking trip I wanted to do for years. I thought I would slay the trip because I was super fit. I learned that being bike fit is pretty worthless if you are trying to do anything but bike. Now that I quit racing I try my best to do other activities to balance my fitness out.

    1. Yeah, I used to be completely one dimensional when I raced more, now I suck at everything.
      We can agree on surfing, hombre. OWWWWW!!!!

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