Big Travel Day

My FB friends will have already seen all this, but as I seem to be picking up a lot of readers I don’t actually know, I made it to Quebec City today. I hit out of Pee-town around 5:30 this morning, flew out at 8, went to Dallas (?) first, then to Montreal, and now, here I am…rocking you like a Hurricane.

So, yeah, kinda beat from doing nothing all day.

I am here for work…Louis Garneau sales meeting. And yeah, my job kicks ass! We are due to ride some new bikes tomorrow. Let’s hope it works out. Weather is iffy. I was sick Friday, yesterday busy doing family stuff and traveling ALL day today, so I figure I’ve earned it.

You hear that weather gods?!? I’ve EARNED it!!

What else? Oh yeah, it’s my birf-a-day tomorrow. 36. The world just keeps revolving around me. Little bit of a drag to be away from my girls on my birf-a, but I guess the world doesn’t really revolve around me and we’ll celebrate good times when I’m home.

I will try maintain my record for daily posts while traveling.

Your faithful scribe,

The Turbonator 5000.


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