One more day in Quebexico

Pretty stoked to fly home tomorrow. Although it has been rad.

Today was good, just meetings all day. And then a “closing party” in the eve, which is still going on. I am kicking ass at being the sober guy. As always!

Couldn’t find a bike to ride. The Canadians are hoarding them, apparently. Really it’s quite nice to work for a company where you have to fight for a bike. Better that than some widget company, no?

I got out for a run though. The trails were super muddy, so some trail some road, all good. Not good like pedaling a bike though. Rest in peace, tiny amount of fitness I had built up. It was great knowing you!

Whatever, I am super amped right now. Ready to conquer the world. Gotta keep this spirit going!  As Lord Big Ring says “Wake up. Kick ass. Repeat.”


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