Where was I again?

I dunno. I suck at web-logging in my old age.

Let’s see…I got back from Quebec on Friday morning (like 1:00, so Thursday night, whatever). I was pretty much in a daze for a couple days. I don’t know why, I was just kinda out of it. It always takes me some time to get back in the groove after being on the road. I think we all know my children are loved, BUT it’s an adjustment when you get used to doing things alone. With four girls, there is no alone. And that’s good. I just have to find my rhythm again. So anyway, it took me a couple days.

Plus jet lag, plus a cold, plus 95 degree temps, a week off the bike…you can imagine how those first couple rides back went.

On that note, really hoping to do a bike race in the near future. It may not be pretty.

I thought this week would be really chill (note to self: never use the expression “chill” again, unless referring to the temperature), but life as a rep is always changing. I got a new program to push and I found myself working the streets pretty hard.

I did manage a couple decent rides.

And I’ve been able to take Haley to swim practice a few times. I take my laptop and work and watch at the same time. So fun to see her improving. Let’s face it, there was only one way to go! She’s making serious strides though, which is great to see. I am excited to go to her swim meet this weekend. Although, I am a little concerned that they say the meet may last 6 hours. She can just barely swim a whole lap, so I don’t know what’s going to go on for the remainder of the time, but…oh, I guess there’s other peoples’ kids too.

Anyway, looks like I managed a post. Stay tuned, I’ll probably do it again. Eventually.


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