Buona Notte

Off to LA tomorrow for yet another sales meeting! This will be a quick trip. In fact, quicker than it’s supposed to be. I’ll just say “oops” and leave it at that. Anyway, the good news is I’ll almost definitely post. Actually, now that I’m thinking about it, we’re staying at exactly the kind of high dollar joint that charges you for internet, so maybe not. I could post via phone, but no. And I could tether and post, but again, no. Hmmm, this is looking more and more like a post about how I won’t post.

So, to take it in another direction… Things are hopping over here. Kids on summer break means there’s always something going on. Here’s hoping darling wife doesn’t lose her cool in my absence. It ain’t easy with four girls home all day! And it seems like sleep never goes to plan in  the summer. Rory (the one y.o.) has taken to getting up at 6 and if we don’t rush in and grab her, she’ll wake everyone else up. Which is not ideal as it’s super bright in the girls room until like 9:30 at night or something.

Generally though, things have been great lately. Got my Crusher bike built:


I actually rode it today (on pavement) and am pretty stoked. I think I may be hanging on to it for awhile, which is something of a rarity. 

On that note, got a new road bike yesterday as well. No pics. 

Now that I think about it, I just broke my no pics rule/streak. It was worth it. I am a ti fan. 

I’m a carbon fan too. And aluminum. And steel. Never went with scandium, but I’d probably be down.

I am feeling okay again on the bike, just in time to hit the road! Again, this is a short trip though and I am HOPING to race the state RR this weekend. Lots of good memories on that course. Wouldn’t that be something?

I’ll leave it there for tonight. Buonna notte.


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