Hey Err’body…

I found some free internets!

As predicted, the fancy hotel wanted to charge me $12 a day or somesuch, but I am outsmarting them.

Anyway, here I am in LA or Marina Del Rey to be specific. Pretty nice. I forget how much I like the salty ocean air and a touch of humidity!

We got in yesterday and had a nice dinner and went to be pretty early. I got up early on Rory time, which is REALLY early on CA time so I took a run down Venice Beach and stopped at the pier and chatted with Kelly for a few minutes.

Today we have meetings with dealers (not drug dealers, bike shops), or in my case, dealer (singular) and hopefully the chance to get out for a ride. They brought a big boy bike, so that should be good. 

Anyhoo, just didn’t want you to think I was shirking my duty to post when on the road!

Oh yeah, and I just signed up for the state RR!! Pretty stoked to get back out there. I went ahead and signed up for the pro race. If you’re going, go big, right?


2 thoughts on “Hey Err’body…

  1. I’m a little tired of the salt air and humidity. Then again, Hurricane season did just start here in the SoFlo. Looking forward to moving back to the dry western US of A. T-minus 3 years exactly….

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