Now with actual cycling content…

So, yeah, I did the State RR on Saturday. 98 miles in a bit under 4 hours. All things considered, I felt pretty awesome. With about 30-40k to go, we were going through some crosswinds, and the field was kinda splintering and regrouping. I found myself a few groups back, but had no problem cruising up to the front group again. I assumed I’d get dropped on the final climb, so I went ahead and attacked there. I guess I am an unknown quantity these days as they just let me go. One guy came across and we were off. I thought for awhile we had a chance, but then the chase came on in earnest. We were caught with maybe 8 miles to go, shortly before the final climb. I was dropped like a rock when the climb started and rolled in for 19th. Maybe I should have had more confidence in getting over the climb, but as always I’d rather take a shot and fail  than place it safe and finish 8th or whatever. Overall, I was pretty stoked just to feel competitive.

Had to rush out of there, as we were due to go camping up on the Alpine Loop as soon as I got home. Kelly was a bit frantic upon my arrival. I’m sure she’ll tell the story better than I, but here’s the highlights of the camp trip. We got up to the site around 5:00. The one we were booked at did not have a flat spot big enough for our tent, but after getting the tent completely set up, we found a much nicer empty spot and ended up moving.

Shortly after getting the tent (re)set up, Piper fell over in her camp chair and split her head open. After much back and forth over what to do, I ended up taking her down to after-hours care and getting the back of her head stitched up. Yes, same kid who had staples in the back of her head a few months ago. Kelly stayed at the campsite with the other 3 girls.

We got back to the tent around 10:00 and promptly went to bed. Rory decided sleep is for suckers and started crying in the middle of the night. It took probably an hour (I’m sure the other campers loved us), but Kelly got her to calm down by giving her a water bottle that would drip all over both of them the rest of the night.  Things calmed down after that, and then Kelly did her usual “was that a bear?” routine for awhile. All in all, not much sleep.

Of course, we wake up and the girls have had the “best camping trip ever”. Gotta love their spirit!

We had a big breakfast and the girls played while we packed up. It was after noon by the time we got going and we drove down Alpine Loop to Sundance and did the Stewart Falls hike. This was also an epic. I carried Rory in the backpack, Kelly ended up piggybacking Piper most of the way, Morgan carried the backpack with food and Haley led the charge, kindly waiting up for us once in awhile. We made it there and back in about 4 hours. I was pretty proud of Haley and Morg for hiking some pretty steep trails in the heat with little complaining. Piper, on the other hand….she’s going to need some work!

Had to stop for a Coke on the way home or I knew I’d be completely useless. I pretty much was anyway, but I enjoyed the Coke all the same.

So concludes another weekend! Gotta get back to work, so I can recover!!


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