Allan Butler Crit, Farm Day, Boulder and such

So, we did our annual trip to Idaho Falls for the AB race and the trip did not dissapoint. The race is only a small part of the trip for us now, but umm, yeah, the race went well.

I won from a group of 3 that lapped the remainder of “the field”.

The only thing that bummed me out was that the field was very small. Yeah, it’s a ways away and there is a ton of racing in SLC this week, but in my view (and I’m admitedly biased) this race is the coolest one by far. There was also some bad luck in that we started just as a storm blew in and we had a bit of rain on the course and almost everyone crashed, some multiple times. This took out my homeboy/teammate/top level blog reader, Jared. He’d already won the master’s race, so at least he had that in his pocket! They actually neutralized us and waited for the rain to pass before restarting.

Anyway, we didn’t get back to the hotel until after 10:00 and it was probably 11 or so before the kids fell asleep. This didn’t keep Haley girl from waking up before 6:30. She was super excited as we were invited to come out to the “Butler farm” to ride horses and for a bar-b-q. It will not surprise me if Haley ends up living on a farm. We all had a great time, but she was “in her element”.

Before we could go there though, we did our traditional walk along the river, feeding of the ducks and photo by the falls. We also took a swim in the hotel pool.

By the time, we got in the car, the girls were pretty wiped out. The ride home went pretty smoothly as mostly they were too tired to fuss much! Sometimes it works the opposite way, but this time was pretty easy.

We got home around 9:00. We’ve been breaking heat records and with the ac off at our house, it was 93 degrees in our bedroom when we returned!

I had to get up and catch a flight to Denver this morning. I should say “I got to”. Gotta stay positive. Had some good visits with shops there today and staying the evening in beautiful Boulder. More appointments tomorrow and then I fly home late tomorrow night. Quick trip!

Watching the Tour of France at the moment.

Here’s the story that ran in the IF Post Register. You have to log-in to access it, so I just “borrowed it”. All credit to the author.

Riding to remember

Criterium continues to keep Butler’s memory alive


Ever since the Allan Butler Memorial Twilight Criterium began seven years ago, Ryan Barrett has made the 257-mile trip to Idaho Falls.

Saturday’s criterium was no exception for the Provo, Utah, resident, who races for Turbo Cycling.

Barrett pulled ahead of a tight pack to edge Jared Brewer and Matt Rossman and win the final race of the day, the men’s pro and Category 1, 2 and 3 race.

The criterium is one of the few races Barrett said he participates in each year, but the 20-year cycling veteran wouldn’t miss it for the world.

By competing, Barrett pays tribute to Butler, who died in 2005 when a taxi ran a red light and struck him in Las Vegas.

“Allan was a very good friend and teammate of mine,” Barrett said. “Honestly, I’m close to retiring from the sport. I’ve got four little kids all under 8. I try to make it a point to come here and honor his memory in that way.”

The temperature dropped about 15 degrees when the pro race began, and it had to be temporarily suspended when a downpour caused multiple crashes on the slick course. Officials allowed the cyclists to take a test lap around the course when the rain let up, then restarted the 60-minute race.

Barrett, who is accustomed to summer races in the rain from growing up on the east coast, said his strategy upon the restart was to stay upright.

“It was a little scary at that point because so many people had crashed,” Barrett said. “Once we were down to the three (of us), I felt confident. It was pretty good there.”

The criterium was a first for Salt Lake City cyclist Tom Millar, who won the men’s Category 3 and 4 race earlier in the evening.

Millar grew up competing in BMX and mountain biking before turning to road cycling and helping form the Salt Cycle Intelitechs team in 2011. Saturday’s criterium was his first time racing outside of Utah.

“I really liked it,” Millar said of the Allan Butler course. “I thought it was clean and I thought it was well-marked.”

Millar finished just ahead of Eric Thompson, who took second in the Utah state time trials early Saturday morning before traveling to Idaho Falls and competing in the final two Allan Butler races.

Neck and neck throughout the race, the two were close enough at times to actually converse.

Millar said he and Thompson know each other well.

“He’s a good guy,” Millar said. “It’s nice because you know how that person rides. You know where you can help them and they can help you.”

A considerable crowd gathered along the start/finish line at A Street for the criterium, which began with early afternoon races in temperatures hovering near 100 degrees and ended with a cloudburst. Crashes were also frequent, and Eagle Rock Cycling race director Nathan Starnes said he was appreciative of having Tri Med athletic trainers present to tend to injured cyclists and distribute ice and cold towels.

Although the turnout was slightly smaller than last year, Starnes received favorable feedback.

“We were having to compete with a couple other events (today),” Starnes said. “The overall comments from all the riders were positive.”

Race results

Seventh annual Allan Butler Memorial Twilight Criterium results:

Men’s pro category 1, 2, 3

1. Ryan Barrett (Turbo Cycling); 2. Jared Brewer (FFKR); 3. Matt Rossman (Ski Utah); 4. Tate Litchfield (COTBR); 5. Eric Thompson (FFKR)

Coed category 3, 4

1. Tom Millar (Salt Cycle Intelitechs); 2. Eric Thompson (FFKR); 3. Daniel Marsh (Salt Cycle Intelitechs); 4. Tate Litchfield (COTBR); 5. Lee Wood (Gallatin Valley Bicycle Club)

Men’s category 5

1. Weston Dunn (; 2. Dane Watkins; 3. Shane Watt; 4. Brennan Williams (ERC, Bill’s Bike Shop); 5. Tyson Scott

Women’s category 4

1. Rhonda Aliah


One thought on “Allan Butler Crit, Farm Day, Boulder and such

  1. Congrats on the win, upholding of tradition, and a super cool weekend with the fam. I promise to return someday and if I’m in no shape to race, I plan on volunteering and taking care of those who turf it. Perhaps I’ll do both, if I’m lucky.

    For the record, I believe this was the 8th Allan Butler Memorial Criterium. The first was at Thanksgiving Point in October 2005, less than a month after Allan was killed. I think there was a year where the race wasn’t held, and its been run 7 years otherwise.

    Ironically, I fly into IF for a super short weekend wedding in Driggs, as my two closest friends from med school are getting married August 10th (he’s originally from IF). Really hoping you and the family can make it to my wedding in AZ next year. Thanks for the read, memories and keeping the title in the family. Cheers!!

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