Crusher Weekend on Tap

Yes, it’s finally here. The Crusher.

I am pretty stoked. We (the fam) ended up getting a condo for the weekend, so it’s should be a good weekend “irregardlessly” of the race. We were originally going to camp, but eventually I thought better of it and looking at the weather, I think it’s good I did! We are staying for the whole weekend though, so hopefully everyone can enjoy it.

Lots of old teammates and friends are coming out, so that should be a hoot.

A quick glance at the start list ( makes me think my odds of a top finish are not so good, (so you’re telling me there’s a chance!) but the while I did hope to arrive in a little better shape, the main idea all along has just been to have a goal in mind. I haven’t really trained for anything (or at all) the last couple years, so it’s been really good to have something in mind and I think I am probably going better than I have in that timeframe. Again, not saying much there, but it’s good. A good journey.

And I’m just excited about experiencing the race. It’s pretty different from anything I’ve ever done!


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