Crusher Rigs

So I’ve had a bunch of people ask me this week if my bike was the “right choice” for the Crusher. The adage is that whatever bike you choose you’ll be dead wrong at some point. I don’t know who said it, but I disagree. I think a cross bike with discs is, in fact, the way to go. 

I’m going to break my no picture rule here for a reminder:



I really couldn’t imagine doing it on a mountain bike. Plenty of people did. Some far more successful than me. I am way more comfortable in the road position though and really the course is all “roads”.

A few people rode road bikes with small cross tires. This is intriguing from the weight perspective, but I’d be afraid I’d break something as road bikes are really not designed for that kind of abuse. 

I saw one guy on a straight up road bike. No way, Jose. For me anyway. Way too rough. Too much time on gravel. Would be nice to have a 15lbs for all that climbing though!

I really didn’t think twice about my bike set-up and I was happy with it throughout the event. 

I did waver a bit on wheels. It was tempting to build up a set of tubulars to cut some weight, but then you have to carry a spare or risk… a really long walk. Carbon 29er mountain wheels with tubeless ‘cross tires. Again, I feel like I chose wisely. Maybe if I was closer to the front the weight savings would be worth considering, but not back in the cheap seats.

I could easily be a bit leaner too:


Anyway, my choices aren’t for everyone, but they worked well for me.


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