Busy times…

So I’m hanging out at Big O. I spend a lot of time here. Oil changes, tire rotations and such. I’m actually getting the family car ready teddy as we’re due to go to CA this weekend.

Of course, once they take a look, it’s going to take more than just an oil change! I’m not blaming Big O. I like these guys. But it’s going to cost me a bundle. Which is depressing. On the other hand, I’d rather find out now than in the middle of the desert in July!

Anyway, busy period coming up. It’s pretty much the time of year where I’m busy showing off the new good for next year to bike dealers.

Tomorrow’s Pioneer Day…this is a Utah holiday that celebrates pioneers kicking ass across the America. Seriously when I put my money woes aside and think that they crossed the country with handcarts, driving to CA (even with four kids) sounds pretty easy.

I’m hoping to go for a quick Alpine Loop in the morning and then do some family stuff before Kelly’s race in the evening. Probably some work in there too. 

Then, I have Dealer Camp for a couple days. This is basically a vacation to Park City for bike shop owners and such whereby they justify it by riding bikes all day (research!). Pretty good gig.

Immediately thereafter, we’re on our way to CA. A few days at Lake Arrowhead and a few days in Long Beach. Super psyched!

When vacay ends, I work Tour of Utah for 4 days… Then, I get back on the road showing next years’ apparel and such.  

Interbike will be here before I know it…


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