Quick Trip to St. George

Busted out a quick trip to St. George yesterday, the first time I’ve done the complete trip in one day. It was actually really easy.  8 hours driving, 7 shops visited, one bike ride. We had a nice storm system blow through, so it wasn’t even hot down there.

Nothing too crazy to report though. A little weird as I’ve pretty well neglected that area, so it reminded me of when I first started going to Colorado. A lot of introductions and awkwardness. I’m really good at awkwardness. Hopefully I’ll be on it going forward though as I have some business down there now.

Oh, here’s one story. I see this dude outside of a shop and he’s loaded down for a big bike tour. He looks European, judging by his Isostar bottles (you don’t see that stuff in the states, much) and such. Anyway, I ask him how it’s going and he replies:

“(thick accent)Not interested”.

Me: “Umm, okay, cool, well, have a good ride”

Euro: “Vhat are you selling cocaine or something?”

Me: “Right, then, have a good ride.”

It was weird enough. Anyway, he had all the usual supplies, plus two 2 liters of Coke wrapped to his handlebars. I can’t imagine how much it would suck to descend with panniers and such, much less a bunch of liquid on your bars. I saw him later in the day when I went on my ride and he was parked sitting on a sidewalk in the shade.

I was afraid to ask how it was going.

Anyway, left at 5:45 and got home in time to see the kids to bed. White line fever…


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