Kids are Resilient

Yeah, the talk went pretty well. Morgan was pretty upset, but was able to get back into whatever she was doing previously pretty quickly. Haley (and this is very Haley) needed to go off on her own for a little bit and process it. But she came around, and we ended up having a pretty good day.

I was going to go pack everyone up and go to church, but then I flaked. Plenty of excuses, not that I need one. Mostly though, I was just waiting for Kelly to call so she could FaceTime with the girls. They loved it so much yesterday, I felt like we had to be on it again. This is by far the longest Kelly’s been away from the kids, so a little connection is good.

On that note, Kelly may extend her stay through the funeral, meaning she’ll be gone until Friday. This sounds harrowing for me, but that’s pretty selfish, really. It’s only a few more days and I can handle holding down the fort a bit and catch up on work quickly thereafter.

So back to today, we didn’t do a ton, but made it up to Sundance to hang out for a bit. It was pretty cool up there, but not cold. It was good for the kids to run around a bit. We considered riding the lift, but the girls weren’t into it and it was fun just to hang out. Sundance Sundays are something of a family tradition, but it has actually been awhile.

Finally, thanks to my old pal Dr. Sandros for noting my incredible run of blogging form. I usually don’t post when I’m down, but I’ve actually been enjoying putting some thoughts together again. Maybe I’ll make it a habit. Don’t bet on it though.

The Talk

So, today it happened. Kelly’s grandma passed on. 

Obviously, this is really hard and bad timing for her mom.

However, this post is going in a different direction…I’m really worked up about telling the kids. I know that sounds weird. My Haley is just so sensitive though. I could probably count the movies she has NOT cried at on one hand. And this is real life. She has a real relationship. And I’m worried about how she’ll handle it.

She’s a tough kid and she’ll be fine. I just hate that she has to go through it.

Not that it’ll be easy on Morgan, but Haley really struggles with death. Like even a spider or something. 

Anyway, lots of other emotions going on over here, but yeah, as odd as it sounds that’s keeping me up.

I almost forgot…

There I was fiddling between FB and Twitter. Yeah, Friday night rager!! Woo-hoo!! Anyway, I remembered I’m “supposed” to be posting. 

Not a horrible amount of items of note today.

We went out to dinner. My mom REALLY likes PF Chang’s. I do, too, for the record, but she probably takes it to a new level. They don’t have one near her in Sedona, so when she’s here, we try to go. I say try, because as often as not, we have failed. Once the wait was over two hours…not ideal with kids and another time it was Sunday, and yeah, Utah County, they were closed. I think there was another mishap, but I’m not remembering that one.

So, tonight we made it. We went at like 5:00 to beat the crowds (didn’t want another 2 hour waiting list) and it was real nice. As nice as having a 3 year old and a 1.5 year old surrounding you for a meal can be, probably. Our waiter was clearly on a mission to get us out of there. I mean, you usually get rushed through when you have a bunch of kids, but this took it to the next level. I think our food was ready before we walked in the door. That said, he was nice about it and I much prefer that to having four kids waiting all night. And it was good!!

Missing my Kelly though!!


Well, today was a step in the right direction.

I stayed pretty close to home, so I could walk the kids to and from school. With my mom. Good times. It was pretty chilly and yeah, a good bit of new snow in the mountains. Seems really early for that, but I think it’s not really. Seems like we always get an early storm and then it’s dry and warm forever before winter really comes in earnest.

I am hoping for an early winter and an early spring. Is that too much to ask for? And a “normal” winter.

Anyway, I stuck around Utah County, but I think I still sold some stuff, so that’s a win-win. Or maybe even a win-win-win.

Managed to get all 4 kids bathed tonight. I’m pretty proud. Haley and Morg are pretty self-sufficient (Haley moreso), but the little ones are bit of work.

Not a lot to report at the moment, waiting for a call from my Kelly with an update.

I guess in the meantime, I’ll watch my pal Tyson on Survivor.  We don’t have real tv, so I’m always a day behind.

Sad face

A bit down today. 

I think just the weight of everything going on. I’ve been kinda just avoiding thinking about things, but then, you know, reality comes crashing through.

We had some mountain snow today with more coming tomorrow. I can’t get excited about it in September. Not that I can do anything about it, so I might as well enjoy it.

Anyway, I went out to the cross race tonight. It was a great course. Unfortunately, I burped a tubeless tire repeatedly. I didn’t know how much time was left, so I ended up pulling over on the last lap and trying to get some air in. This ended up taking forever, and I wound up putting a tube in one wheel. Everyone kept yelling at me just to run it in, but by that point I was pretty much just wanting to get air in the tire to ride home. At that point, I was in a really bad mood, so sorry I was not my usual jovial self.

Tomorrow’s another day and I’m going to kick myself in the ass to make the most of it.

Where’s mom?

So, Kelly flew out to Long Beach this morning to help her mom while she recovers from surgery. My mom has been in since Sunday to help while Kelly’s gone as I REALLY need to be working right now. We are very lucky to be able to make both of these scenarios come to fruition as this is a really busy time for me workwise.

I thought I’d try to post every day as Kelly really likes it. Usually I’m the one on the road and she’s at home. In fact, she’s never been away from the kids more than 1 night. 

It is weird here without her. I keep having to explain the situation to Piper. She keeps asking if mommy is picking up grandma. Rory is struggling too. The older girls are being super helpful so far.

Kelly’s grandma on her mom’s side also just had a really bad stroke. That’s about all I can say on that. Please keep them in your thoughts and prayers.

One more thought from Vegas…

During the show, my facebook feed filled up with people taking pictures with known dopers. 

I don’t get it. I love my friends, but why you are still idolizing someone whose fame is based on lies, cheating and stealing is beyond me.

And no, I’m not bitter. I had great experiences racing my bike and I will have more great experiences racing my bike.

It’s just weird to me.