The Mondays

Had a rough night last night. No, not in the traditional Vegas way. I think I just let myself get super dehydrated over the course of the day. Spent the entire night with my head throbbing and basically didn’t get out of bed until 9:30, which NEVER happens. Too bad I couldn’t enjoy it. Anyway, I downed a giant Gatorade once I finally left and immediately started feeling better. All the same, I’ve hardly eaten today, which is abnormal. 

Once I finally kickstarted myself, I headed out to dirt demo. This is basically a chance to test everyone’s products. It is also an extraordinarily hot place to hang out all day. I didn’t have much to do though, so I was mostly just hanging out and visiting old friends. And trying to rehydrate. When it’s over 100, that means drinking constantly.

Tonight should be a typical night in Vegas, hookers and cocaine. No, I’ll probably wander the strip aimlessly for awhile. A week is a bit much, but I do enjoy my time here. It’s just so vastly different than what I’m used to. Tomorrow things get busy…Dirt demo, followed by 3 meetings and the show hasn’t even started yet.


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