Dirt demo, fine dining, the phone charger incident, and Pepsi?

Today I thought I could get out to dirt demo and get a little mountain ride of my own in before it got too busy, but by the time I got out there it was crazy busy. I had to leave around lunch, so I thought it would be bad form to kit up and bail, so I ended up working. Totes lame, right?? 

After that it was a series of 3 meetings with very little break between. I was kinda stuck in Mandalay Bay between meetings. There is no fast food there. Normally I might applaud them for this, but I hadn’t had lunch and it was awhile until the dinner meeting and I just needed a little something. And there all fancy pants expensive place. And time was short. And…long story not so short, I got a Snickers and a Coke Pepsi for $6.

Yes, the correction for Pepsi was crucial to the story.

So, last meeting was the dinner meeting. I left my phone charger for the hotel room at home, so I left it plugged in in the car, figuring I shouldn’t need it for a meeting. The meeting went loooong. I’d love to tell you that story, but I can’t. Anyway, I got out and had a message from Kelly and she was f-l-i-p-p-i-n-g. Had to call and let her know I’s okay. It’s sweet that she worries about me. We’d talked earlier, but I should have kept my phone around to at least shoot her a message.

Show starts tomorrow!! Wish me luck…



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