The Talk

So, today it happened. Kelly’s grandma passed on. 

Obviously, this is really hard and bad timing for her mom.

However, this post is going in a different direction…I’m really worked up about telling the kids. I know that sounds weird. My Haley is just so sensitive though. I could probably count the movies she has NOT cried at on one hand. And this is real life. She has a real relationship. And I’m worried about how she’ll handle it.

She’s a tough kid and she’ll be fine. I just hate that she has to go through it.

Not that it’ll be easy on Morgan, but Haley really struggles with death. Like even a spider or something. 

Anyway, lots of other emotions going on over here, but yeah, as odd as it sounds that’s keeping me up.


One thought on “The Talk

  1. Hey Turbo, I’m sorry for your loss. You’ll do great and the kids will be fine over time.

    On another note, let me congratulate you on the superior blogging form you possess at this time. Not that this is any consolation for all the other things.

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