Kids are Resilient

Yeah, the talk went pretty well. Morgan was pretty upset, but was able to get back into whatever she was doing previously pretty quickly. Haley (and this is very Haley) needed to go off on her own for a little bit and process it. But she came around, and we ended up having a pretty good day.

I was going to go pack everyone up and go to church, but then I flaked. Plenty of excuses, not that I need one. Mostly though, I was just waiting for Kelly to call so she could FaceTime with the girls. They loved it so much yesterday, I felt like we had to be on it again. This is by far the longest Kelly’s been away from the kids, so a little connection is good.

On that note, Kelly may extend her stay through the funeral, meaning she’ll be gone until Friday. This sounds harrowing for me, but that’s pretty selfish, really. It’s only a few more days and I can handle holding down the fort a bit and catch up on work quickly thereafter.

So back to today, we didn’t do a ton, but made it up to Sundance to hang out for a bit. It was pretty cool up there, but not cold. It was good for the kids to run around a bit. We considered riding the lift, but the girls weren’t into it and it was fun just to hang out. Sundance Sundays are something of a family tradition, but it has actually been awhile.

Finally, thanks to my old pal Dr. Sandros for noting my incredible run of blogging form. I usually don’t post when I’m down, but I’ve actually been enjoying putting some thoughts together again. Maybe I’ll make it a habit. Don’t bet on it though.


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