The final countdown…

My mom has to fly home tomorrow. I am aware that there are single parents everywhere that take care of their children on their own, but yeah, I am bracing myself. It’s going to be hard on me. Probably good for me in the long run and it’s only 3 days, really.

I don’t have a great track record for not flipping out when all my kids are screaming at me at once though and I’m sure my patience will be tested. 

Kelly gave me some great advice last night…”Just keep reminding yourself that if things go off schedule, it doesn’t matter”. This will have to be my mantra. I am really bad about screaming when we are late for anything, including arbitrary schedules like dinner and bed times. I don’t REALLY want my kids to grow up only remembering me screaming, so I’m going to do my best  to remember this. 


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