Today, the quick and dirty

So, day one went okay… Walked the girls to school, had a little downtime at home, then took mom to the airport…So grateful that she was able to help us out. We stopped and picked up some wheels on the way, which I took to a shop on my way home. Yes, with Piper and Rory. Nothing like visiting an account with two kids under 3! Both kids napped in the car. We had a couple other errands to run too, so by the time we got home and ate lunch, we didn’t have much time before we had to pick up Haley and Morg. Morgan and Pip went over to a friends’ house directly after school, so I helped Haley with homework with Rory climbing all over me. Next thing I knew, “Uncle Jeff”  brought over tacos for dinner. He bailed pretty quick and the girls and I played outside for a bit then got everyone ready for bed and read stories. I am pretty tired, but I gotta say today was no problem! 

Last night sucked though. Rory woke up and was screaming. I didn’t want her waking up Piper, so I brought her in my bed. Big mistake. She doesn’t sleep. Or if she does, she just moves constantly. And Piper wound up on my floor shortly thereafter anyway. Tonight, it sounds like Morgan is coughing up a storm up there, so here’s hoping things go better.

I am beat. Going to have a show now and hit the proverbial hay.

Fork… just as I type that, I hear Rory start crying…


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