The Dentist

Oh, man…Today was pretty much okay. Except for when I had to take the girls (yes, all 4) to the dentist.

Sidebar- my kids love the dentist. They think it’s great, so, no, that was not the problem.

My little Rory has a bit of a cold and so she took a super early nap today. She was pretty much up by lunchtime, where she’d normally be napping until 2 or 3. So, we picked up the older girls from school and went to the dentist at 4:00. Rory was not stoked. Piper was not great either and they have a tendency to fight over who gets to sit on my lap. I’m big enough for the both of them, but that doesn’t seem to matter.

I’ll make this short by saying we spent close to 1:45 at the dentist. Not pleasant.

I kept relatively cool (because you really can’t go ape at the dentist office, can you?), but when we got home, I was trying to make dinner…

Sidebar- when I say make dinner, I mean heat up the dinner my mom made…)

So, yeah, I was trying to “make” dinner, but every kid was just super whiny. Rory was basically hanging on my leg, crying for me to pick her up. Again, not pleasant. And I may have lost my cool a touch. I’ll try hard to be more like Fonzi in the future.

This is becoming a pretty whiny post. For the record, I am aware that people suffer through greater adversity than a few days of being wifeless.

Once dinner was out, everything was (mostly) okay. We played outside for a bit after dinner, enjoying the beautiful fall weather while we can. Getting everyone to bed was another epic battle in the life of Turbo, but I’m too wiped out to write about that now.

As expected, I am gaining a new appreciation for stay-at-homers, particularly mine. Can’t wait for darling wife to get back to me. Really only a day and a half out at this point. Can’t come soon enough.

Hey, I love you guys and goodnight!

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