Final Countdown…

Yes, late tomorrow morning I pick up my beloved!

Very excited to reunite our little family. And to have some help around here! She’s had quite a week, so I’ll try not to throw all the responsibility on her at once.

Today was okay. Nothing too exciting. Walk to school…discover both kids forgot their bags, go back to school, Costco trip, lunch and nap (not me), pick up kids at school, walk to local grocery, homework, dinner…not a bad day.

I barely lost my cool, really.

Due to get quite cold here tonight. I guess it’s already snowing in Park City and they’re saying it could come down to the valley floor over night. It seems like we always get these early season storms and then it stays dry and (relatively) warm for awhile, before winter hits in earnest.

On a personal note, I am super excited to get back into a normal exercise routine. I usually get really depressed when I don’t get out. I think I’ve been too busy for that, or too depressed about other stuff! That said, physically, some weird things happen to me. Like I get all fat. No, really, my back always starts hurting when I don’t ride. And if that’s not weird enough, I will get cramps in my calves in the middle of the night sometimes. Yes, from doing nothing. 

We got some great news with Kelly’s mom the other day…she won’t have to have chemo!! We’re all super excited for this development. Hopefully with that, they can get out here sooner. The kids have definitely been asking about grandma and grandpa, in addition to mom.

I guess that’s all my news. I’ve actually enjoyed blogging a bit again, so hopefully I can keep it up. Though I wouldn’t bet on it!


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