Dr. Sandros, Always Keeping me Honest

Thanks to the good Doctor for “reminding” me that I had pledged to consider thinking about trying to update slightly more frequently.

It was a pretty hectic week. Nothing important, just that every single brand I work for has their orders for 2014 due this month, so basically this month determines how much income we have next year. No pressure!

The week kinda started really frustrating and difficult and just got better and better. Which is good. At the end of the week, I won a sales contest. In my tenure as a rep, I have never won one of these contests, so that was pretty sweet. I won a frame with Garneau’s “Dream Factory” custom paint…going over the options now. Big choices!! So excited!!

I was actually going to buy the stock frame anyway, so yeah, getting it, plus the custom paint…pretty freaking amazing, really.

Kids went on fall break on Thursday. This makes life a little difficult when you make your own schedule as you want to be around a bit, but then, umm, you remember the part above about income for the next year! Anyway, seems like I balanced things out okay.

We ended up riding the lift at Sundance in the evening yesterday. Our passes are only good through this weekend, so we probably won’t ride again until ski season. Which is okay, as it was quite chilly. There was some snow on back mountain, but not nearly ready for skiing yet. Of course, in Utah that could change at any minute.

Got in a few bike rides this week as well. Aiming for a goody today. Wish me luck!!


One thought on “Dr. Sandros, Always Keeping me Honest

  1. Good luck Turbo! Hope you had a great ride. Congrats on the contest win! Keep us posted and give us a pic of the new sweetness when you get it built for some hot man-on-man biking action.

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